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Responsible consumption

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Drink Only in Moderation

Environmental labeling

Bottle/GL 71 Glass
Bottle cap/LDPE 4 Plastic
Capsule C/ALU90 Aluminum

Separate collection check the provisions of your municipality

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History of families

Farmers from four generations. Tenacious supporters of our land, of its wealth and of what it represents and above all of what it will represent in the future for the world of wine. We cultivate our estate with sweat and with dedicated attention in the innovation of modern cultivation processes while maintaining an ancient philosophy.

Careful Vinification

We value the native grapes through a meticulous and careful vinification, to get the best from the products of our land. We take care of every single bottle, starting from the transformation of the grape into wine until its refinement, to find in every drop of its products all the love for a fertile and promising territory. Just like it happened a century years ago.